A Retirement Story: The Value of Life Insurance

Brian Fricke, CFP®Life Insurance


Life insurance, if used in the right way, can be worth the premiums in the long run.

Take Don and Marilyn’s story, for example. For them, life insurance was a valuable choice as part of their incredible retirement.

Don and Marilyn were in their seventies when they realized they had more than enough money to last for the rest of their lives even if some curveballs were thrown their way.

In fact, they found themselves forced to make withdrawals from their IRA accounts even though they didn’t need the money.

Also, they had already made provisions to leave sizable inheritances to their children so they didn’t need to keep money for their heirs.

So, for the last twelve years, Don and Marilyn have taken those IRA distributions (less taxes) and applied them to two different insurance policies.

The first policy they purchased was a joint life second-to-die type policy, meaning the insurance death benefit of $128,123 would be payable to one of their favorite charities after they both had passed away.

They paid premiums of $4,000 for six years. At that time, we analyzed the policy and found there was sufficient cash value even on a guaranteed basis to maintain the policy.

They decided to stop making additional premium payments to this policy. Instead, they decided to purchase another second-to-die insurance policy, this time for $102,237 payable to another favorite charity.

They would make premium payments on this policy for six years. This policy has now accumulated enough cash to pay future insurance costs so they decided to stop making additional premium payments on this policy as well.

That’s how a total “investment” of $48,000 has helped benefit two of their favorite charities to the tune of $225,360!

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