Peace of Mind as You Age

You already know getting older is a good thing, because it means you are still alive! But you might be concerned about changes to your body and mind that could cause you to lose independence and control. Discussing these possibilities is not always comfortable for you or the people who may have to care for you.

When to delegate financial decision-making, change living situations, quit driving, and seeking assistance with health care decisions are difficult topics. They can be emotionally and financially very costly if plans are not put in place ahead of time.

As your adviser, we want to help you plan for these transitions well in advance. This will reduce the likelihood of crisis decisions and unnecessary costs that result from lack of preparation.

Our goal is to provide you with increased peace of mind as you age.


  1. The “Financial Caretaking Plan” outlines steps you have taken to prepare for transferring bill paying, investment management, and estate planning, and the tasks you need to complete to get ready if the day comes when you can no longer manage finances on your own. It will enable us to help you put the pieces in place to prepare for an orderly transition of financial management to your financial caretaker(s).
  2. The “Risk Profile” is designed to identify traits that could place you at risk for bad financial decision-making. The questionnaire is based on a study conducted by geriatric psychiatrists. If we identify any issues, we can provide you with financial literacy education that will allow you to manage your finances longer. If there are any other concerns, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist.
  3. The “Proactive Aging Plan” addresses your desired living situation, transportation needs, and health care preferences. We estimate your potential long-term care and health care costs, and help you put plans in place to reduce unnecessary costs and age successfully in the living situation you desire.

After you fill out each questionnaire, we will provide you with a report indicating what you are doing now and what you need to do to optimize your situation. It will contain a personalized to-do list, and information you can give to your family to inform them of your desires as you age. The reports also include links to educational materials to help you complete the tasks.

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