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Our 25 Year Heritage
Financial Management Concepts (FMC) was formed in 1991 with a vision to create a Retirement Planning and Investment Management firm that would “make a difference.” Brian Fricke, the founder, became the “man of the house” at age 16, due to the untimely death of his father.

Brian’s mother was left with a whole life insurance policy ($50,000) AND the family real estate business. At age 18, Brian joined the family real estate business. His path to becoming a Fee-Only® Financial Planner became clear when others sought him out for financial advice after discovering he had purchased 15 rental properties by the age of 23.

The spark for the passion of helping others experience an Incredible Retirement® came after realizing the premium for the whole life insurance policy sold to his father could have purchased a $1,000,000 term life insurance policy. How different a life could Brian and his mother have created with that much money rather than the $50,000 they received? Brian was determined to enable people planning their retirements to find out.

Brian L. Fricke, CFP®

Fee Only® Financial Planner, Author, Speaker and Incredible Retirement® Expert
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