Our Clients

What Sort of Person Do We Work With Best?

Our clients have approximately $500,000+ of savings and investments. They are retired or their primary focus is planning for retirement. Regardless of age, they are “young at heart” and live their lives actively. They are passionate about family, helping others, making a difference in their community and the people around them. They are high level professionals or mid and upper level managers.

They have worked hard, saved well, and value professional advice. They are not major risk takers, but do want more than just guaranteed income. They have better than average financial acumen, but are very modest in their abilities to manage their own money. They do not micromanage, but instead prefer to delegate so they can focus their attention on people, issues, and hobbies that are important to them.

They expect us to focus on managing their investment assets and to be proficient in tax and legal matters. They do not expect us to do everything financially, but rather coordinate with other professionals we introduce them to or they already have relationships with.

At our meetings we talk about their lives, families, travels, and their money. They want to know that we are carefully watching over their investments and discretionarily making smart decisions so they do not have to.

Their primary financial motivation is to ensure what they worked hard for is managed with care, and that they will always have enough to live their life without concern for things financial. Their secondary financial motivation is to ensure the people they care for and organizations they support are the benefactors of what they leave on this earth – and NOT the government.