Our Fees and Minimums

Our minimum fee is based on your particular facts and circumstances. In order to provide you with an accurate quote for our services, we recommend you contact us for a brief 15 minute call to review your situation.

If you have any pressing financial issues or concerns, we can talk about them. But you know what?

Even though we’ve got a track record of delivering amazing results, we find that less than half the people we speak with end up being a good fit where they can get those same sorts of results. The rest of them aren’t a good fit, and we refer them to somebody else.

But we’re happy to learn more about your situation to see whether or not we might be able to deliver those results for you.

Don’t worry though! If it turns out we’re not a good fit for you then we’ll happily get you pointed in the right direction. This assessment of your situation is at no cost to you and we don’t receive any compensation from any other business we may refer you to for help.

We are compensated solely by our clients via an advisory fee, usually deducted from one of their investment accounts so we do not affect their monthly cash flow. In most situations it won’t cost you any more to use our services compared to ‘doing it yourself’ using no-load mutual funds.

We are Fee Only® financial planners. The kind Clark Howard and Tony Robbins recommend. We do NOT sell any kind of products for a commission and we do NOT receive referral fees of any kind.

If you’re using a national or regional brokerage firm (Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Wells Fargo, Edward Jones, Raymond James, LPL etc.), we’ll probably save you a lot of money in hidden fees and expenses. Most people are shocked to see all the hidden fees and expenses they are paying, but never knew about.

Virtually all of our clients have discovered that we are not a cost, instead we’re a wise investment, one that’s been returned to them many times over.

Our “No Strings Attached” Money Back Guarantee

You Risk Nothing with our No Strings Attached Money Back Guarantee! If, during the first 12 months of working with us, you’re not happy with our relationship, we’ll gladly, cheerfully, give you an immediate and prompt 100% REFUND of any and all fees paid us to date. No questions asked!