Planning Experience

Planning Done Right!

The traditional approach to the financial planning process is usually a tedious and miserable experience that’s focused on numbers, risk profiles and maybe taxes. A process that just doesn’t work!

So we decided to create something better. We call it your Nest Egg Stress Test®. You’ll not only have a clear picture of the future you want, you’ll also know exactly what you need to do to get there.

Your Nest Egg Stress Test® tells you if you are over-funded, underfunded, or on target in terms of reaching and keeping all of your financial goals. No matter what happens to the financial markets or the economy. No matter what life throws your way.

It’s more complicated than just taking your investment balances, assuming an annual rate of return, and trying to guess if you will run out of money at some point.

Returns are rarely the same from year to year. The market is ever changing. So your Nest Egg Stress Test® assigns random rates of return to your investments every single year. It actually uses both positive and negative returns from historical market data. It’s also used to determine the lowest level of risk you must be willing to accept in order to have a realistic expectation of achieving your financial goals.

planning chart

* The Confidence Zone is the range of probabilities that you and your adviser select as your target range for the probability of Success result in your Plan.

True financial success is making sure you’re able to experience an Incredible Retirement® – Doing what you want, When you want.