A Retirement Story: Be Wary of Going Overboard on Company Stock

Brian Fricke, CFP®Retirement Planning

incredible retirement story

If you’ve worked for one company for a long period of time, you probably feel pretty good about your employer. Furthermore, because of your longevity, you may hold a large portion of your investment portfolio in the company stock. While this may seem to be a sound investment strategy, it can be far less secure than you think. No doubt, … Read More

Filtering Out Good Financial Advice vs. Financial Advice That’s Good for You

Brian Fricke, CFP®Investing

  These financial “gurus” reach millions of people a day, and for the most part, give pretty good advice. However, that doesn’t mean that their advice is good for you. Why? The financial shows they advise for are geared towards the sound bite; entertaining, generic, broad, and quick. For example, a common piece of advice given is that a Roth … Read More