A Common IRA Mistake

Brian Fricke, CFP®IRA

In this edition:

The most common mistake we see when it comes to IRA accounts doesn’t have anything to do with how the IRA money is invested. Nope, the biggest mistake we see all too often is this…

7 Tax Tips for 2013

Brian Fricke, CFP®Taxes

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Here’s 7 tax tips to look at NOW so you don’t over pay your 2013 taxes.

Obama’s Attack on Your Retirement Plan

Brian Fricke, CFP®Investing, Retirement Planning, Taxes

In this edition: -I’m not a big fan of President Obama’s latest “proposal” for your retirement plan. And neither should you. Here’s why. -Why someone with a 15+ year relationship with a large national brokerage firm hired us. The answer might surprise you. -Picture of the Week – A great example for any grandparent who doesn’t see their grandkids as much as they’d like.