The top 3 worries of retirees

Brian Fricke, CFP®Retirement Planning

Here’s the 3 biggest worries we hear from people all the time. Along with 3 tips to reduce or eliminate them. These worries are the same regardless of the amount of money someone has. Whether it’s $500,000, 5 Million dollars or more.

How to deal with stock market volatility

Brian Fricke, CFP®Investing

One area of investing that hardly ever gets any attention is how to handle market volatility.

Here’s 5 tips to help you deal with market volatility. Because like it or not, you’re going to have to deal with it.

Will Stocks Crash When Interest Rates Go Up?

Brian Fricke, CFP®Investing

In this edition: What has happened to stock prices in the past when interest rates were going up? An interesting article in one of our trade journals looks at this. I thought you’d find this very interesting. I know I did!

A lesson learned from NOT buying Twitter when they went public

Brian Fricke, CFP®Investing

A lesson learned from NOT buying Twitter when they went public! In November 2013 I did a video, just like this one, telling everyone NOT to waste their time buying twitter. A couple of months later I got a message from someone who had just seen the video…making fun of me for not buying twitter at $45 when it went public, because it was now trading at $74. You might be surprised at how things have turned out so far. Note: The day after we recorded this video Twitter jumped 35%. But the results still haven’t changed much.