Incredible Retirement Tip: Financial Media Is Not Your Friend

Brian Fricke, CFP®Financial Planning, Mortgages

When I look at the offerings of the financial media today— radio, TV, print or online—I always feel as if I’m somehow inferior because I’m not on top of the latest news about investing. I can only imagine how guilty people who aren’t financial professionals must feel—all because of the business press! Financial journalists advocate becoming an “expert” on all … Read More

Why Most People Fail at Setting Meaningful Retirement Goals

Brian Fricke, CFP®Retirement Planning

The single biggest mistake people make when they set goals is that their goals are too vague. Before you can tackle the necessary decisions related to retirement, including investments, taxes, insurance, etc., you must identify your values and then determine your goals and what you want to accomplish over your lifetime. The fun comes when you accomplish your goals and you … Read More

A Retirement Story: Be Wary of Going Overboard on Company Stock

Brian Fricke, CFP®Retirement Planning

incredible retirement story

If you’ve worked for one company for a long period of time, you probably feel pretty good about your employer. Furthermore, because of your longevity, you may hold a large portion of your investment portfolio in the company stock. While this may seem to be a sound investment strategy, it can be far less secure than you think. No doubt, … Read More

Top Three Reasons to Avoid Variable Annuities

Brian Fricke, CFP®Asset Protection, Financial Planning

Variable annuities are popular in times of market turbulence because of extra fringe benefits like “guaranteed income for life” or “withdrawal benefits.” However, these are the three reasons why those fringe benefits don’t always mean variable annuities are a good investment option for you: High Cost – variable annuities are double or triple the cost of a mutual fund, which … Read More