Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Brian Fricke, CFP®Mortgages

Planning for retirement brings up numerous and varied questions about how best to plan for your financial future. One of those often is: Should you pay off your mortgage? The short answer is yes. One of the best ways to lessen the stress of worrying about the economy or the direction of the stock market is to own your home debt … Read More

Fonzie, Fred Thompson and Finding retirement income in home equity

Brian Fricke, CFP®Retirement Planning

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Have you seen the commercials with former senator and TV actor Fred Thompson and Henry “The Fonz” Winkler touting Reverse mortgages?

Recently I discovered a Retirement Income Strategy that makes a lot of sense. Part of the strategy might involve the use of a reverse mortgage.

Here’s how it works…

How to use IRA money to buy a business

Brian Fricke, CFP®Financial Planning

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One of our clients wanted to make a loan to a family member so they could buy a business.

The problem is – all of their money is tied up inside an IRA. They could have withdrawn the money from the IRA. But then they’d have to pay income taxes on the money withdrawn.

Here’s how to use IRA money…without triggering a big tax bill.