A Retirement Story: The Value of Life Insurance

Brian Fricke, CFP®Life Insurance

Life insurance, if used in the right way, can be worth the premiums in the long run. Take Don and Marilyn’s story, for example. For them, life insurance was a valuable choice as part of their incredible retirement. Don and Marilyn were in their seventies when they realized they had more than enough money to last for the rest of their lives even … Read More

The Right Life Insurance Policy for You

Brian Fricke, CFP®Insurance

There are several types of life insurance policies, however the right policy is the one that meets your specific needs. The type of policy that almost everyone should get is a term policy. Term insurance does get more costly as you get older, and depending on your age, you may want to get a cash value policy instead. If you … Read More

Old life insurance policy premiums skyrocket shocking policy holders

Brian Fricke, CFP®Insurance

If you bought life insurance in the ‘80s and early ‘90s you might be in for a nasty surprise. We are coming across more and more folks who are caught off guard and shocked at huge premium increases if they want to keep their life insurance in force. Make sure this never happens to you.

More horrible tax advice

Brian Fricke, CFP®Life Insurance, Taxes

Recently I heard about a situation where a retiree had been “advised” to move their IRA money into something called an Insurance Based Retirement Plan. This is just horrible tax advice, here’s why.